Untitled - by Ray Dillon
- by Ray Dillon - 1/4/2006 - 9:37:50 pm
v1- by Ray Dillon - 1/4/2006 9:37:50 pm
kix1/4/2006 9:38:52 pm
hey ray... cool gollum!
Ray Dillon1/4/2006 9:39:18 pm
Finished my Lord of the Rings: Evolution sketch cards last night, sprayed 'em, scanned 'em, and sent them in this morning. 306 total. Feels good, but I'll miss getting to draw the LOTR characters, too. I'll probably be on this kick for a while. ;o)
yanbu1/4/2006 9:57:01 pm
nice nice
Ray Dillon1/5/2006 7:44:53 pm
Thanks, guys. Glad ya dig.
moheevi1/6/2006 1:44:38 am
is he supposed to be mowing the lawn..if not, where is my lawn mowing gollum...i'm an adult, adults need things. i just don'w want him anymore...i need him.
poopmustache1/6/2006 6:14:24 am
that kind of looks like a lawn behind him.