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- by sarah - 2/6/2006 - 3:24:45 pm
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Sarah2/6/2006 3:25:14 pm
I like it when animals wear clothes.
Gerold Blankface2/6/2006 4:17:24 pm
Hahaha.. I'd like to see a study that shows ratios of animal clothes that display alcoholic beverage logos to other designs...
I'm thinking 93% are four-legged-alcoholic-beverage-toting-unintentional-puppets
Sarah2/6/2006 5:54:57 pm
When I was a kid I used to "puffy paint" t-shirts for my dog to wear. Hi Gerold!!
elK2/7/2006 2:30:22 am
hey, guys, dont forget to . . . "save a tree, whipe your ass with an owl"