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- by tim - 2/13/2006 - 7:57:05 pm
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tim2/13/2006 7:57:32 pm
ps: the new Dragonforce is excellent.
\<2/14/2006 2:10:44 am
haha :) i read the review in this EXCELLENT webzine http://www.completedomination.net/autopsy/february-2006 (yeah youll have to scroll down all the way to the bottom) and i was thinking 'hm...i'm sure tim's enjoyin it tho!' :D looks like i was right :)
\<2/14/2006 2:17:16 am
btw everyone should check out < The Project Hate MCMXCIX >
they sound like a tank is running you over repeatedly and while it's at it it gets dismantled by a couple of bursts from a GAU-8/A.
tim2/14/2006 6:11:53 am
yea, I don't think the new DragonForce has enough demons n shit for those guys. But for me it is filled with passion and romance. VIVA FORCE
\<2/14/2006 9:29:10 am
:) oh did you know that zine already? and i wasnt tryin to degrade your taste in any way if you got the impression :) i think dragonforce have sick guitars for example. i dont know the new album but the other one i heard was pure hypercharged powermetally fun. as you might remember i even drew them in the bands quiz :)