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Gerold Blankface2/16/2006 9:00:42 pm
I'm waiting for something to finish so I can play CSS
loopdogg2/16/2006 10:45:48 pm
what is CSS?
seeker2/17/2006 3:46:39 am
Gerold Blankface2/17/2006 8:19:45 am
CSS = Counter Strike Source
(the latest rev. of counter strike)
Shunt2/17/2006 8:33:15 am
This makes me think of Heineken (yuck) and Atari!
loopdogg2/17/2006 11:10:00 am
cool - i might have to pick that up - i love shooters. ever play doom 3? wolfenstein online?
fatribz2/17/2006 2:31:28 pm
heinekin is great so i will drink to this png
Gerold Blankface2/17/2006 5:11:49 pm
Atari and Heineken.. I totally see that... and 7-up too.

Yeah, I've been playing multiplayer pc gaes since the original doom
I was a quake master in ultiplayer.. loved duke nukem 3d.. chasm, TRIBES !!! delta force, half life, etc... now css is y ain gig.. I also like the real-time abttle games like warcraft and empire earth.. but online games take too damned long.
tim2/17/2006 7:00:56 pm
I remember when Half Life first came out, such an excellent playing experience. I never got into any of the new Half Life's.. viva oldschool.
Gerold Blankface2/18/2006 2:21:46 pm
Half Life (the original) is still my favorite single player game. the story was so much better than anything I have ever encountered...
HalfLife2 was cool, graphics were incredible, but the story line was weak and game play got boring...
yanbu2/18/2006 4:21:26 pm
i agree about hl2 - it lacked the connection to the characters like the first one had, and the ending sucked
ribs2/18/2006 4:38:57 pm
hellya to Tribes, warmonger