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- by sheep - 2/19/2006 - 12:30:42 pm
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sheep2/19/2006 12:32:38 pm
Drawing of a thousand clicks
yanbu2/19/2006 7:16:10 pm
shit this is amazing. if you stare long enough at this without blinking, and then make your eyes lose focus a little - it changes a bunch over time. this makes me feel something similar to the one minty fresh did a while back that actually wiggles (at least to me) if you stare at it - http://www.10eastern.com/oekaki/4748.png
kix2/20/2006 9:36:08 am
GOOMBa2/21/2006 5:35:19 am
how long does this take?
sheep2/21/2006 9:13:36 am
Lets see....make a 50X50 box grid, color each row of boxes a shade lighter then the other, then add two different color fades to each box and sign it......about three hours and a sore neck.