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- by poopmustache - 2/21/2006 - 12:55:05 pm
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poopmustache2/21/2006 12:56:01 pm
Richard Scarry's lost drawings
Anubix2/21/2006 1:53:29 pm
this is priceless
tthunderdan2/21/2006 2:01:40 pm
...Makin' Bacon!...
fatribz2/21/2006 5:43:03 pm
i wonder if this is real...
Al2/22/2006 8:51:41 am
Yes, it is very real
fatribz2/22/2006 10:25:36 am
oh shit!
poopmustache2/22/2006 2:35:48 pm
That's funny...I wasn't thinking of yours when I drew this, but I know I looked at it a long time ago. It must have been stuck in the back of my brain
moheevi2/22/2006 6:50:18 pm
Hey http://justlikeananimal.ytmnd.com/ figured you'd like that PM. If not I'll take it down, but it's the first thing that pooped into my head :D
tim2/22/2006 8:29:18 pm
the look on his face is excellent.
KcMsterpce2/24/2006 5:41:33 pm
Did you know that a pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes?
mrtick2/24/2006 6:00:52 pm
corkscrew peepeed pigs