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- by loopdogg - 3/6/2006 - 9:17:39 am
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loopdogg3/6/2006 9:19:52 am
Wichita Bar Scene Superstars!

#1 In a Series: 40 year old, White Gangsta, Track Suit, Drug Dealer!

fatribz3/6/2006 11:05:06 am
haha and that font is rockin
loopdogg3/6/2006 4:40:48 pm
would have been better if i had put that other "f" in there
fatribz3/6/2006 7:01:43 pm
i would say choosing the right 'f' for the moment is probably one of life's toughest challenges
seeker3/7/2006 3:55:18 am
I wonder in my naive mind what Fisticufs means.