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- by ad - 3/9/2006 - 6:25:02 pm
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ad3/9/2006 6:26:05 pm
hey everybody. i started a new blog. i'm drawring the entire bible in mspaint from start to finish.

fatribz3/9/2006 11:11:55 pm
haha, i support this!
seeker3/10/2006 1:57:23 am
Wow...interesting artist statement on your blog...
if its ment serious...which I am never sure of!

Yeah the holy bible in your language....this way I will read it the first time :D
ad3/10/2006 12:22:36 pm
drawing skills not required!
ultra3/10/2006 6:19:52 pm

And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
Al3/10/2006 6:41:01 pm
On the first day God made this big globe and named it Urth, but the 2nd day was a disaster because God's dad said "No motherfucker its spelled - EARTH!" And the 3rd day God was grounded to a cloud above the north pole. The 4th day God took a giant piss on Urth and created the oceans. The 5th day a Walmart was created. 6th day was a day of shopping for Mrs. God. The 7th day God was tired and made Paris Hilton and some dude named Fred Durst. The End.
Pusa3/16/2006 12:08:22 am
Check out www.thebricktestament.com.
moheevi3/16/2006 1:26:31 am
This is cool...gonna be hard when you get to dueteronomy (sp?)...cuz there's alot of butt sex in that one.