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- by naranjon - 3/21/2006 - 7:28:09 pm
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naranjon3/21/2006 7:28:19 pm
poopmustache3/21/2006 8:12:53 pm
Nice colors
naranjon3/21/2006 9:13:24 pm
fuck just spent an hour working on something and it didnt save...FUCK!
naranjon3/21/2006 9:25:10 pm
skin greening...shirt ripping...skull crushing!!! oekaki burn in hell!
idiot233/22/2006 2:18:34 am
i just spent _all night_ formatting my hd and it wont format and xp wont start either, since i forgot to backup the bootshit. fuck ME.
fatribz3/22/2006 11:19:58 am
this is cool, what would you say your biggest influence is?