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- by turkey - 3/30/2006 - 6:10:35 am
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Turkey3/30/2006 6:11:37 am
HELP!!!!!!!! I'm getting a tattoo today of a little girl and need a really good 70's design for her dress, any suggestions??
Turkey3/30/2006 10:14:32 am
At work... I need something coool. Otherwise Ill just go with what the guy made up . but I know there are other options out there
Turkey3/30/2006 10:15:06 am
Hello everyone, especially Sarah!!!
Al3/30/2006 10:30:04 am
Hi Turkey.
Turkey3/30/2006 10:37:56 am
I never have the opp to be on a comp, so I may not be on again in forever wish I had more time to draw.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah3/30/2006 11:55:42 am
Turkey?! For real?! I called you the other day. It's time to drink beer on your balcony very soon! I have stuff to tell you. I bet you have stuff to tell me too. I miss you.
kix3/30/2006 12:58:40 pm
pic 10759?