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- by gerold blankface - 4/20/2006 - 10:53:01 am
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Gerold Blankface4/20/2006 10:54:41 am
I had this weird dream that I was at a carnival or something and some weird, naked guy was trying to fit everyone's head in his mouth!
I remember saying stuff like 'yeah, there you go... eat me man, there you go...'
what the hell does this mean?
Anubix4/20/2006 11:14:14 am
you are gay
loopdogg4/20/2006 1:07:57 pm
lol!!! cool dream!
Anubix4/20/2006 4:31:51 pm
I'm just kidding, this is a funny pic
tim4/20/2006 6:31:34 pm
does he have teeth? I would imagine that he doesn't.
seeker4/21/2006 5:21:23 am
great dream
The angry flagman4/22/2006 5:16:26 am
I saw something like this on a dream site, It means that you need to sell the house, the car, and the cat. You then need to go to your nearest Honda dealer and buy a brand new Gold Wing (a blue one), Bring it my house and give me the key. Yup thats what it means.