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- by yanbu - 4/26/2006 - 8:23:34 pm
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yanbu4/26/2006 8:23:44 pm
coffee breaks
tim4/26/2006 8:39:52 pm
hello, this is neat.
naranjon4/26/2006 8:55:17 pm
Al4/26/2006 9:02:46 pm
Get back to work before I give you a beatin'!!!
naranjon4/26/2006 9:28:32 pm
laboratory smock/chef's jacket/straightjacket...?
yanbu4/27/2006 9:47:52 am
it be a lab cooat! anyone else have a white coffee cup with the upwards rainbow on it? i keep finding them at value stores, got two now
naranjon4/27/2006 10:51:42 am
that should be the new 10eastern logo...
\<4/27/2006 11:39:47 am
hey, that be my logo :) (not arched)
alextemple4/27/2006 4:39:18 pm
my friend made me a coffee cup with a picture of me drinking coffee on it....with a rainbow in the background. this reminded me of it