Untitled - by yanbu
- by yanbu - 5/7/2006 - 9:06:41 pm
v1- by yanbu - 5/7/2006 9:06:41 pm
yanbu5/7/2006 9:07:45 pm
mrae5/7/2006 9:46:44 pm
oh wow, this is gorgeous
naranjon5/7/2006 10:11:44 pm
yowww! some new color combinations have just been invented! somewhere a color wheel just shit itself.
fatribz5/7/2006 10:36:18 pm
seeker5/8/2006 5:35:45 am
weee robot walking by...sweet
yanbu5/8/2006 3:45:07 pm
thanks, i think not being able to tell what most of the colors really are used to make choosing a bit harder