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- by eN-Titty - 5/8/2006 - 10:35:19 am
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eN-Titty5/8/2006 10:39:54 am
alien archaeology
fatribz5/8/2006 12:45:49 pm
haha ..teh silly cone tits?
ur draws are great, i like the sense of space, like i wanna walk around in ur pictures and explore
Mbeanis5/8/2006 1:34:15 pm
Yeah, I ttoally get that here, too. Like I wanna say "get silicone". And "talk alien". Or "get shovel"
sN-Titty5/8/2006 2:31:11 pm
Thanks. I stopped drawing the way I was "supposed" to and started using the Grandma Moses technique....I draws what my brain tells my hand. Not what some book says.