Untitled - by Al
- by Al - 5/12/2006 - 4:58:28 pm
v1- by Al - 5/12/2006 4:58:28 pm
Al5/12/2006 4:59:02 pm
Here is that 'Grand Rapids Woman' you ordered.
jaw5/12/2006 5:00:13 pm

Al5/12/2006 5:16:20 pm
Why you gotta drop your jaw that far? Let people post comments. Its just boobs.
!!!nichole5/12/2006 5:25:51 pm
oh al, she is SO byron center
Al5/12/2006 5:56:27 pm
Is that comparable to Taylor, Mi.. aka - Taylortucky?
!!!nichole5/12/2006 5:58:25 pm
yes, but with better makeup
Al5/12/2006 6:12:46 pm
Here is the original picture. I kinda messed it up.
!!!nichole5/12/2006 6:29:28 pm
naranjon5/12/2006 6:42:09 pm
this draw is an oekaki masterpiece
naranjon5/13/2006 8:17:35 am
boobs are for babies
Al5/13/2006 8:18:55 am
Thats right, boobs are for babies. And this lady can feed hundreds of starving babies.
HALE5/13/2006 10:58:06 am
Arnold used to say, "Milk is for babies-when you are a man, you drink beer."
fatribz5/13/2006 2:08:24 pm
haahaah oh man seeing the inspirational source material made it extra gold
Gerold Blankface5/14/2006 8:36:02 pm
Nice shading !
I am going to have nightmares over the face, however...