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- by eN-Titty - 5/19/2006 - 10:23:41 pm
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eN-Titty5/19/2006 10:24:59 pm
meet my boss, the big ass hole
tthunderdan5/20/2006 12:45:39 am
...hey, I used to work for that guy too...
mrae5/20/2006 9:05:03 am
i married and divorced him :)
ad5/20/2006 10:11:22 am
gaping. yum.
Al5/20/2006 1:54:31 pm
I thought this was two turkeys making out.
eN-Titty5/20/2006 6:30:54 pm
Once upon a time, 2 turkeys saw the trouser trout on 10E so they climbed into a pair of jeans and started to suck face, when all of a sudden.......
Al5/20/2006 6:48:34 pm
.. their eyes combined into one then the snood and wattle began to turn a fleshy color so did the heads of the turkeys. They were taken to the White House to be a possible dish for the Fish and Turkey Soiree....