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- by gerold blankface - 5/25/2006 - 11:22:04 am
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Gerold Blankface5/25/2006 11:22:19 am
WTF are we gonna do now?!!!
HALE5/25/2006 12:17:44 pm
Don't worry, you'll always have fatribz.
Al5/25/2006 12:29:42 pm
We've got nothing better to do, than watch TV and have a couple of brews
Don't talk about anything else, we don't wanna know
We're dedicated to our favorite shows
American Idol, Hill Street Blues, Dallas, Fridays

We sit glued to the TV set all night (And every night)
Why go into the outside world at all (Its such a fright)

- Black Flag
Anubix5/25/2006 12:30:38 pm
HALE5/25/2006 1:41:29 pm
remember the video and how skinny henry was?
v5/25/2006 2:50:57 pm
iron chef?
kix5/25/2006 2:51:10 pm
haha great
naranjon5/25/2006 3:26:39 pm
man i totally forgot about tv!
Al5/25/2006 3:35:10 pm
Henry Rollins was 98lbs. in that video. hahah
zen wizard gun id5/26/2006 1:47:49 am
can anyone confirm that rollins once nailed his foot to the floorboard of a stage? or is that like a rock myth?
naranjon5/26/2006 7:48:09 am
youre thinking chris burden and it was a volkswagon:
zen wizard gun id5/26/2006 7:52:50 am
nice fukicrxion, but i did indeed mean henry.