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- by Al - 6/2/2006 - 6:40:22 pm
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Al6/2/2006 6:43:28 pm
Some asshole pulled my 5th wheel pin today at the GM Plant. Thank god I hit the brake after the trailer smashed down on my tire.
I would have loved to catch the dickless prick in the act. It would have been worth losing my job just to beat the snot out of him.
danny6/2/2006 8:32:46 pm
darn wish u cought him better luck next time
hope u dont get fired
Al6/2/2006 8:38:45 pm
Thanks danny. Sometimes a man has to put a dent in another mans forehead.
HALE6/2/2006 11:35:42 pm
It woulda been worth it just to catch him doing it
tthunderdan6/2/2006 11:40:07 pm
...that sucks...everytime my truck is out of my site, and I get back in the truck to go, I put on the trailer brakes and pull on it before pulling out, experience (the hard way) has also taught me to double check my car in park before getting out...drift-smash!
Al6/3/2006 5:59:11 am
Haha @ tthunderdan. I like trying to get the key out of the ignition when the car is still in drive. Sometimes I worry about myself.
fatribz6/3/2006 9:20:10 am
i was on the forklift, on our metal ramp to push in some racks of shit to the nose of a semi, when the chains that keep the ramp to the trailer pulled away and the whole thing slammed down, the forks were in the trailer, so all the weight of the forklift bashed down and bent the fuck out of the ramp and twisted and started tearing the beam underneath, it was badass fun... but i think the quebecian dude that tied his end down fuct up..bastard
Al6/3/2006 12:22:31 pm
Damn Canook's.
Fred6/7/2006 11:57:46 am
To bad Al, guess you will check it for now on?