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- by Al - 6/3/2006 - 3:46:53 pm
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Al6/3/2006 3:50:43 pm
I dream alot about Military planes or UFO's. Last night this UFO started out as a tiny blue light, then it started rotating very quickly and was moving towards the ground. It's so damn scary because I dream in color and its very realistic. It landed right in front of me and was doing some crazy shit that I will never quite remember.
tthunderdan6/3/2006 5:20:22 pm
...you are fortunate to have such detailed dreams, that is the pathway to your subconscience, so they say...
Al6/3/2006 7:47:07 pm
My sub-concience tells me that a war will happen between our fighter planes and unknowns overhead populated areas of the USA, primarily Lincoln Park, Mi. An intergalactic war with very pissed off ET's
fatribz6/4/2006 10:02:46 pm
"there will be a hologram crosshair"