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yanbu6/9/2006 6:48:29 pm
Al6/9/2006 7:12:54 pm
Holy shmuck. What the heck is this?? I think I need to pray. Bye.
yanbu6/9/2006 8:41:58 pm
new foundphotos, a coupla ok ones in there
naranjon6/9/2006 9:33:47 pm
'OLY SHIT...! ive been in found photo #8 down...thats valparaiso chile...sweeeet. they got houses all over those cliffs on the sea with like perilous 45-degree roads going up up and down. very nice. that track thing is called a Funicular...
naranjon6/9/2006 9:35:40 pm
naranjon6/9/2006 9:42:58 pm
the dudes in #6 look chilean too. and the purty gurl in #9...but i may just be projecting by association at this point.
naranjon6/9/2006 9:43:35 pm
also, what the fuck is going on in this drawing?! ahhh!
yanbu6/9/2006 10:10:36 pm
it's definately there, the folder i found had those people in there. searching for 'fotos' instead of photos (spelling) makes that happen. also this drawing started out as s burger king doll from the 70's that i found, and turned into a face halfway then i don't know what happened glad to find out you found something familiar in the photos!
mic6/10/2006 4:44:10 am