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- by veronica - 6/14/2006 - 10:36:24 am
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veronica6/14/2006 10:36:59 am
last night I dreamt about Nick Diamonds, he sang "swans" to me and kept on giving me huge loaves of bread.
HALE6/14/2006 11:07:49 am
How many loaves of bread did he give you in all, and where did you store them?
tthunderdan6/14/2006 11:57:32 am
...that's very nice...
tthunderdan6/14/2006 11:58:09 am
...very nice indeed...
veronica6/14/2006 8:06:47 pm
he gave me two really large loaves of bread, thick, dense bread, dark color. I'm pretty sure that I was supposed to feed the poor with them. I remember having to climb up this steep cement slope, and I thought "If I just moved my arms like bicycle pedals, I can make it."
naranjon6/16/2006 4:57:17 am
maybe youre supposed to invent this "dense" bready substance and solve world hunger? do it.
naranjon6/16/2006 5:01:38 am
or maybe nick diamonds is the (anti)messiah? and you have to start a church the bread is the body of and so on? or maybe you just like the unicorns/islands? or someones got a crush!
v6/16/2006 4:21:00 pm
nick diamonds is a wonderful man. he reminds me of a gigantic eight year old, but with much more talent.
naranjon6/16/2006 11:07:57 pm
you should make some superdense diamond muffins for the un-named "event" occuring near the end of the month.