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- by elK - 6/19/2006 - 9:28:30 am
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elK6/19/2006 9:28:49 am
don't fight the feeling
seeker6/19/2006 10:26:24 am
yey...elk is back!
seeker6/19/2006 10:33:18 am
what a lovely pic
naranjon6/19/2006 11:33:36 am
e1k!!! master of pastel-destruction! curator of hydroandrogynous masticables! originator of cuneiformular fantasticals! motivator of fledgling fidelities! ah forlorn!
loopdogg6/19/2006 11:54:48 am
i did a little toe jig in my shoes!!!
seeker6/19/2006 12:43:30 pm
kiddo or kix could you explain to me what naranjon just said?
Al6/19/2006 2:18:16 pm
half slab pig-o-pastel.
fatribz6/19/2006 2:45:28 pm
kix6/19/2006 3:17:55 pm
no way. aask kiddo . he lived in the states
mrae6/19/2006 3:40:44 pm
YAY!!! i missed your draws :)
veronica6/19/2006 7:31:26 pm
yes! yes!
elK6/20/2006 12:10:12 pm
: )