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- by loopdogg - 6/20/2006 - 9:12:02 am
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loopdogg6/20/2006 9:15:52 am
i woke up one morning to a digital dog playing in my yard. i thought i was dreaming for the first 30 seconds i saw it. when i fully awoke i realized the combination of the screen on my window and my total nearsightedness was creating the pixel illusion. it was beautiful.
seeker6/20/2006 11:56:14 am
elK6/20/2006 12:13:07 pm
^ ditto
veronica6/20/2006 2:33:27 pm
I like this too
naranjon6/20/2006 3:23:27 pm
i have also experienced this but i dont remember when. long live the myopic!
naranjon6/20/2006 3:33:29 pm
kat6/20/2006 5:04:32 pm
Wow...next time you could drop a hint! Too many missed opportunities to say HAPPY B-DAY today! :) Woulda let you play w/ the rubberband ball ALL day!
loopdogg6/20/2006 7:29:05 pm
thanks guys! 32 is nothing though, at 33 i can be played on a turntable!
naranjon6/21/2006 8:24:07 am
and 1/3
fatribz6/21/2006 1:47:42 pm
exclamation marks are my trademark, yours is coolness ohmbro homeslicer, keep gaggin the gumdrop machine mechanics wife!