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- by newbie - 6/22/2006 - 1:12:14 am
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newbie~*6/22/2006 1:12:35 am
Keith Flint is my new obsession.. : )
fatribz6/22/2006 4:44:06 am
no way...that black dude says those lyrics
unknown6/22/2006 4:56:15 am
newbie~*6/22/2006 5:11:41 am
Dangit I put the wrong lyrics! Arrrggg... I was going off memory so just pretend it doesnt say keith okay?
newbie~*6/22/2006 5:12:55 am
Arrrgg I was right.. D< Don't make me correct myself when I don't need to be corrected! D< http://youtube.com/watch?v=gbv2nG3-xPU&search=breathe%20the%20prodigy
loopdogg6/22/2006 11:12:32 am
they have one of the coolest videos

fatribz6/23/2006 4:13:24 am
har har har!!! im not the internet (or rizzle life) person to ever take seriously... that is because i am full of one hundred percent bullshit and hard lovin'