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- by fatribz - 7/22/2006 - 7:30:38 am
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fatribz7/22/2006 7:31:44 am
my monitor is fuckinnn frickering and twisting like mad, the only way it is viewable is when you turn down the contrast... and the whole screen is crunched smaller.. any ideas?
Al7/22/2006 8:41:16 am
I don't know but this picture is 2 thumbs up.
fatribz7/22/2006 8:59:02 am
fuck it, i think the monitor was just ready to die.. coz i went to turn it on and it wouldn't. this is a hgue ass industrial monitor who knows how old with the word "BAD" written on top... it did last a good 6 years though... so now i got a little babyum one, its kinda fuzzy too : imma miss that hunker
mf7/22/2006 12:01:37 pm
nice! reminds me of a sega waterfalls
Gerold Blankface7/22/2006 6:08:51 pm
next time it happens, clow into the left side of the monitor. it is likely overheating a tad.
I've actually gone as far as to cut a hole in the case and put one of the those radio shack replacement fan.. they're 12volts. you can rin a wire from the computer to it to power it. The power supply in the computer has many plugs for your devices (cdrom, floppy drive, etc).. If you have any that are unused, you can run the red wire of the fan to the yellow line on the power supply. connect the fan's black wire to either black wire from the power supply.
fatribz7/23/2006 7:21:19 am
oh bad asss.. i will try that out, thanks