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- by naranjon - 8/5/2006 - 11:37:11 am
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naranjon8/5/2006 11:37:20 am
correct spelling
naranjon8/5/2006 11:40:51 am
(for fatribz)
veronica8/5/2006 12:40:59 pm
when I was young I always had trouble with the word "squirrel"
and I always spell out "thorough" in my head. t-h-r-o-u-g-h, because it rhymes.
naranjon8/5/2006 12:45:19 pm
i have trouble seeing the word "parkway" when glanced at quickly as is done while driving. my brain adds an "a" (i.e.- parkaway)...some sort of very selective dyslexia i guess...
lm8/5/2006 3:37:04 pm
ahh. nice lazer eyes
tim8/6/2006 2:34:08 am
kix8/6/2006 8:15:48 am
amazing pic... i love the letters
fatribz8/6/2006 11:39:37 am
hey thank you for the cocacola rocarola! it surely is badass. i cant install java to draw shit anymore on this windows..keeps having a windows installer package problem, or itll find an old file in java folder that doesnt match so it won't update, even though remove the java shazbot and delete all the folders around the drives. im really annoyed
naranjon8/6/2006 11:54:50 am
clean install! or USB etch-a-sketch
yanbu8/6/2006 1:34:11 pm

try that maybe?
fatribz8/7/2006 1:16:22 pm
what you mean clean install, how much cleaner can it get?
naranjon8/8/2006 7:58:59 pm
preheat over to 450- bake HD for 60-75mins or until golden brown.