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- by lipps - 8/5/2006 - 2:52:17 pm
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lipps8/5/2006 2:54:21 pm
self portrait of me looking at ladies clothes at a garage sale. Quiet acceptance that I will Never be small.
naranjon8/5/2006 3:22:08 pm
is this "THE" garage sale?
lipps8/5/2006 5:20:40 pm
oh yeah
Al8/5/2006 6:52:31 pm
Hahah!! This is funny!! Not to be taken the wrong way.
eN-Titty8/6/2006 1:14:17 am
I know what you mean..as a 6 foot female its hard to find clothes in a store so I do the garage sale thing too....there's always hope
Balls8/8/2006 12:38:33 pm
tall is one thing. Fatass is something else.