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- by Al - 8/13/2006 - 5:51:45 am
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Al8/13/2006 5:52:10 am
This is our future.
\<8/13/2006 6:23:53 am
this is my present.
mrae8/13/2006 12:39:25 pm
is he single?
Al8/13/2006 2:47:26 pm
im single.
Al8/13/2006 2:51:37 pm
This guy probably drives an Envoy with spinners.
naranjon8/13/2006 3:00:20 pm
spinnas are so five minutes ago...if you wanna score some honeys you best be rollin pimpstar:
tthunderdan8/13/2006 4:44:09 pm
...I got to get some of those wheels for my Reliant, yeah...
Al8/13/2006 5:44:41 pm
I like the one that gives out your phone number. I'm gonna throw ONE on my front drivers side.
naranjon8/13/2006 7:01:58 pm
that would be awesome. and when you werent advertising the digits you could display a live RSS feed from 10eastern