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cows2flames8/19/2006 6:54:29 pm
it's not original to fuck up a haircut, and it's not ironic to wear little kid's jewelry. It's played out and dumb. I'm so sick of the self-proclaimed 'unique'. AND TAKE OFF THOSE 'RAMONES' SHIRTS, 3/4 OF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD MORE THAN 2 OF THEIR SONGS!
chain-shot8/19/2006 6:58:20 pm
Anubix8/19/2006 10:23:34 pm
teen angst
chain-shot8/19/2006 10:31:31 pm
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naranjon8/20/2006 8:30:55 am
i wouldnt worry about it, there's a golden period (roughly between 20 or 25 to 35 or 40) when you have enough experience (but not enough to be foolishly conceited about it) that you are actually worth a damn. anyone younger or older is absolutely irrelevant.
cows2flames8/20/2006 12:35:48 pm
I've seen plenty of 20-40 year olds I don't envy one bit. Actually, I've never seen one I DO envy. Age is a foolish thing to base anyone's worth on.
Emma8/20/2006 1:35:10 pm
one word: EMO!
Anubix8/20/2006 2:29:21 pm
the value of age is that some time around when people become adults, somewhere between 20-40, they relize that they arent anything special and are mortal, liberal emo teens tend to think they have all the right answers and everyone else is stupid or wrong
Anubix8/20/2006 2:33:45 pm
why care about what other people wear, wear whatever the hell you want, why judge and attack others bases soley on what they wear, there is no such thing as pure originality, looking down on people who you deem less 'original' or 'real' is a personal issue, you want to feel better then them, and often, what you hate most in others is what you hate most in yourself, you probably to some degree are doing what they are doing with how you dress, and there shallow reasoning or desire for originality reflects your own shallow reasoning and desire for the same things (see fight club)
Emma8/20/2006 3:16:03 pm
im not emo though, i just see all the emos sitting out side the forum which i work in cos thats where the bbc's based for my city!
cows2flames8/20/2006 6:41:47 pm
Anubix, I care about what other people wear, in the same way you care what other people write...
newbie~*8/20/2006 8:00:58 pm
I wonder if that makes me unoriginal and not special in any way. *ponders* Meh.
cows2flames8/20/2006 8:09:38 pm
you're ass is original, remember?
Anubix8/20/2006 9:14:37 pm
i'm extremely concerned about what people comment on 10E, everything else i do is boring
eN-Titty8/21/2006 9:51:56 am
I'm irrelevant you little snot nosed twit? I don't think my patients would cal me that.
naranjon8/23/2006 8:11:12 pm
eN-titty- im joking!...and im talking more about culturally relevant than anything else. doctors and firemen and cableguys notwithstanding, if you look at who's making/defining culture specifically (and maybe i would overlook mass/pop culture out of my own bad habits and associations to it) it tends to be produced by people roughly within that age demographic. not that the culture I care about is even that important...especially here in the U.S., but they're are those who care/follow it/get excited by new ways of looking at the world. p.s.- also bear in mind im talking out my ass most of the time...