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- by The Angry Flagman - 8/28/2006 - 1:53:52 pm
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The angry flagman8/28/2006 1:55:35 pm
My refrigerator is making weird noises.
AL8/28/2006 2:45:49 pm
Over time, the fan may become noisy--usually making a chirping or squealing sound, though it may make a loud groaning noise instead.
fatribz8/28/2006 3:38:01 pm
The angry flagman8/28/2006 4:47:05 pm
This damm fridge is ony one year old. It shouldnt be making noise. I got it new when I bought this shit box im living in.
AL8/28/2006 7:21:25 pm
Try rotating the tires. And if that don't work then I would check the trans fluid.
The angry flagman8/28/2006 7:37:34 pm
I was thinking that it might be the muffler bearings or the headlight fluid.
HALE8/29/2006 9:22:50 am
It's all ball bearings these days.