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- by tonianne - 8/29/2006 - 6:06:11 pm
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tonianne8/29/2006 6:06:42 pm
i totally can't draw a straight line
mf8/29/2006 6:38:12 pm
he totally rocks! i used to watch dallas all the time!
Al8/29/2006 8:06:39 pm
I'm Al Jr....But i'm not #8

I think one of them possum pie eatin' race car drivers is
#38/30/2006 6:12:21 am
Died for yer sins
loopdogg8/30/2006 7:25:57 am
or at least your traffic infractions
chain-shot8/30/2006 11:08:42 am
number 3 on our televisions, number 1 in our hearts.

dale was a modern day jesus.