Untitled - by tonianne
- by tonianne - 9/3/2006 - 6:11:20 pm
v1- by tonianne - 9/3/2006 6:11:20 pm
tonianne9/3/2006 6:17:03 pm
clear skies ahead
eN-Titty9/3/2006 7:40:05 pm
found your black line thing I see.....see straight lines are easy
tonianne9/3/2006 9:31:06 pm
oh yeah, i know how to use the items on drawing board.......circle, squares, straight lines........ i was just saying , I can't draw a straight line (on paper) with a ruler............. :-)
The angry flagman9/4/2006 3:06:38 pm
Did you get your wacom tag yet?
shovelhead9/4/2006 3:23:40 pm
hey flagman...Is it a road cone thrown by the vohl or one of them orrrrbs?
eN-Titty9/4/2006 10:56:27 pm
sorry, doesn't fit the criteria of an orb....and why would tonianne draw a road cone.......it a lone flower
eN-Titty9/5/2006 5:44:48 am
how about Sept 9....up to doing a ride? guys from the Troop Barracks here are doing it.....wanted me to bring friends
eN-Titty9/5/2006 6:36:39 pm
change ride date to 9/16