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- by newbie - 9/6/2006 - 3:58:06 pm
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newbie~*9/6/2006 3:58:52 pm
Sorry for such the gorillaz-ee look but I just wanted to do that style for a lonnnggg time.. And don't think I am going to draw gorillaz again.
Anubix9/6/2006 4:29:59 pm
13 year olds, facial hair,tats, a dozen peircings, and NEEDLES don't belong together
Anubix9/6/2006 4:30:17 pm
...but this is a good draw
The angry flagman9/6/2006 4:42:14 pm
13 year olds need these things to go along with their guns and gangs.
newbie~*9/6/2006 5:07:43 pm
No no no.. He's not thirteen. I am..
The angry flagman9/6/2006 5:25:17 pm
What are you doing hanging out with tatooed gangsters with needles and guns for. Children these days... ...... ....... HAhahahahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!!! HA!
newbie~*9/6/2006 5:31:40 pm
Emma9/7/2006 3:58:42 am
annoying arent they!
mf9/7/2006 7:22:13 am
annoying?! bah! yooz gotta learn how to hang dear emma.
Emma9/7/2006 3:46:55 pm
i can hang upside down, does that count?
mf9/7/2006 4:16:02 pm
depends on what yer hangin from. old-skool metal jungle gyms count. bungie-jumping does not.
Al9/7/2006 4:33:12 pm
I like the Gorillaz.
Emma9/8/2006 4:09:26 am
what about chairs? and my bed?
mf9/8/2006 6:48:07 pm
yeah, that'll do nicely