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- by newbie - 9/11/2006 - 4:54:59 pm
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newbie~*9/11/2006 4:55:19 pm
quick draw with slowly dying mouse
guesswho9/11/2006 5:20:38 pm
...very nice, you get better & better, now quit apologizing all the time, forchristsakes!...
Al9/11/2006 5:21:31 pm
My mouse died a long time ago. I need one of them tablet thingys.
tabletsuptheazz9/11/2006 5:26:55 pm
graphire2 blowz though
newbie~*9/11/2006 5:33:36 pm
hah. I guess I could use a tablet too.
Al9/11/2006 6:57:46 pm
Could someone buy me things? Im broke.