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- by newbie - 9/13/2006 - 9:44:02 pm
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newbie~*9/13/2006 9:46:10 pm
I even made a sentence with the strange slang in the book see if you can decipher. ;D " I'll boot you in the yarbles if you keep govoreeting about this cal!!! " Horrorshow luck!
chain-shot9/13/2006 11:53:23 pm
i'm reading this too.
yanbu9/14/2006 4:44:59 am
can ya spare me some cutter me brother
chain-shot9/14/2006 10:10:35 am
i'm reading this too.
chain-shot9/14/2006 12:33:11 pm
the second time was to reinforce the fact. i am DEFINITELY reading this book.
newbie~*9/14/2006 3:18:06 pm
Haha. Sweet. So anyone taken up the challenge?
Al9/14/2006 3:29:20 pm
Well, im no scientist... but I think he meant 'Hey, pass me a pepsi, dickhead.'.
newbie~*9/14/2006 4:24:14 pm
Haha close but no cigar.