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- by bb - 9/21/2006 - 1:53:31 pm
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bb9/21/2006 1:54:09 pm
Let's interbreed drawrings!
GB (Gerold Blankface)9/21/2006 1:59:09 pm
most excellent!
Emma9/21/2006 2:04:51 pm
tim9/21/2006 2:06:26 pm
anyone remember the drawring mashup board? unfortunately not many contributed. (sad emoticon)
GB (Gerold Blankface)9/21/2006 2:07:39 pm
yeah, but i never understood how people managed to cut-and-paste parts of other people's drwaings... or did people really re-draw that stuff?
tim9/21/2006 2:10:10 pm
it was a re-draw party.