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- by naranjon - 9/28/2006 - 7:06:01 pm
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naranjon9/28/2006 7:07:10 pm
sugerencias para la luz
fatribz9/28/2006 7:39:37 pm
You're still the one -- I want to talk to in bed
Still the one -- that turns my head
We're still having fun, and you're still the one
Al9/29/2006 12:13:40 pm
fatribz... are you listening to 104.3 WOMC? The Home Of Dick Purtan?
fatribz9/29/2006 12:35:24 pm
my brother blew up my radio antennae on my car so i can't listen to it anymore :..
but i wake up a lot of times with songs in my head that i haven't even heard in a while, they become the jam of the day or days.. yahh!
\<9/30/2006 2:38:56 am
earworm is a german word you thieves!!!11