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- by The Angry Flagman - 10/8/2006 - 4:04:16 pm
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The angry flagman10/8/2006 4:10:22 pm
Hey Yanbu, What happend to my gallery. Did some one steal it? Did it fly south for the winter? Should I call Inspector Gadget to find it? Does the pope have it? Is it in a house under a mouse? Is it in a car next to a bar? Is it under the bed or on my head? Is it on a boat getting eaten by a goat? Is it here is it there because its not in my underwear...... Im done now...... Ill just sit in the corner and talk to my socks.
yanbu10/8/2006 5:27:16 pm
the galleries are all super messed up right now, i've been going back and forth with the people who make the software via email to fix a ton of issues. i actually spent three or more hours today messing with it, and the night before, night before that etc. trying to get this fixed up, any of you with stuff missing (or gallery completely missing) it's not intentional, and hopefully have it all fixed soon, it's a very long tech-boring frustrating story
Anubix10/8/2006 6:06:16 pm
thanks for all your hard work yanbu
The angry flagman10/8/2006 6:06:51 pm
You need beer.
The angry flagman10/8/2006 6:24:41 pm
I wasnt mad or anything, I thought the hacker hit the site again. I saw some of the other galleries missing and figured the hackers were at it again. You do great work Yanbu, Have a beer, You deserve it.
loopdogg10/9/2006 1:06:32 pm
i saw yours is missing as well yanbu - :^(