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- by shovelhead - 10/17/2006 - 8:21:20 pm
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shovelhead10/17/2006 8:23:12 pm
It's 11:00pm and I'm DOUCHING the dog AGAIN!!!
The angry flagman10/18/2006 2:17:34 am
Hahahahaha!!!! Skunk!!!Hahahahahaha!! The joys dog ownership.
GB10/18/2006 7:49:58 am

I used to chain my dog to a fence, work baking powder into her fur, thenpour vinegar on her.. it would all foam-up...then I'd hose her down and give her a shampoo bath... that worked pretty well for me... dumb-ass dogs
mrae10/20/2006 1:12:26 am
my friend had a 250lb Newfoundland, took 12 bottles of massengil, try explaining that to the grocery clerk at 2:00 in the morning :)