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- by ampersand - 10/29/2006 - 9:31:41 pm
v1- by ampersand - 10/29/2006 9:31:41 pm
ampersand10/29/2006 9:32:07 pm
GB (Gerold Blankface)10/29/2006 9:42:22 pm
Al10/30/2006 2:21:54 am
Ol' Drippy?
fatribz10/30/2006 7:31:37 am
you... tonight...
ampersand10/30/2006 1:29:56 pm
you, lastnight, RIBZ!
fatribz10/30/2006 2:17:31 pm
i wanna be called spaghetti
trin10/30/2006 3:08:12 pm
ampersand10/30/2006 3:33:35 pm
mr. fatribz... you are the spaghetti factory... &! you can even make play-doh spaghetti!!!!!!!
fatribz10/31/2006 12:01:59 pm
new season of aqua teen refrence, just in case
tim10/31/2006 7:09:38 pm
they still make that show? I just downloaded second season of Extras.
ampersand11/1/2006 2:04:27 am
i just downloaded second season of sex in my ass.

3rd season is open for invites... only so many cocks have opened me up.
ampersand11/1/2006 4:34:38 pm
i don't remember why i wrote that... i don't even remember what it means. i am sorry.
Unicornonthecob11/2/2006 6:47:30 pm