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- by eN-Titty - 11/1/2006 - 9:54:43 pm
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eN-Titty11/1/2006 9:57:00 pm
having 10E withdrawal......broke my knee and elbow....tore my ACL while doing the play and can't hold anthing to draw with my right hand....have to type with one hand and don't fit under the computer desk with my leg brance
tthunderdan11/1/2006 11:06:36 pm
...with all that we are lucky you r alive, let alone drawing!!...
fatribz11/2/2006 6:05:38 am
oh lord! well here is a link to enjoy while you are just hanging out...

HALE11/2/2006 6:27:57 am
get well soon!
loopdogg11/2/2006 8:20:35 am
eN-Titty - get better and bless us with draws. What kind of play was this again? Sounds violent!
eN-Titty11/2/2006 8:34:52 pm
thanks for the GW........the play was West Side Story......yep it is violent......3 gang fights on stage....several actors with broken noses and ankles
eN-Titty11/2/2006 8:36:00 pm
fatribz...thanks for the link