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- by Al - 11/10/2006 - 4:15:07 pm
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Al11/10/2006 4:18:04 pm
This is a mean lady that enjoys spitting snot out her mouth. You see - If you suck in your boogers instead of blowing your nose then a couple gallons of green snot builds up in your chest. After a few days your body wants to reject it because your a lazy fuck for not using Kleenex. Its on sale right now for .49 cents a box.. but anyhow. yeah.
ethermonkey11/10/2006 6:49:53 pm
whats with the gash to the temple? 'praps that is why she is not feeling so very well...
Al11/10/2006 8:27:20 pm
The gash was from excessive pressure from a major build up of snot in the membrane.
tim11/11/2006 12:34:27 pm
as I see it she is making a sacrifice for nature.