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- by The Angry Flagman - 11/11/2006 - 9:30:23 am
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The angry flagman11/11/2006 9:30:57 am
Al11/11/2006 9:57:57 am
I have no idea what this means. Please explain.
mf11/11/2006 10:47:48 am
it must be shot. trevor is 'cuffed
The angry flagman11/11/2006 11:45:48 am
A plum-bob is used by engineers and carpenters. Its hung to test perpendicular depth. If you were constructing a wall you might use a plum-bob to check for upright straight lines. or something like that.
Al11/11/2006 12:48:00 pm
I don't build like that. My lines are used from my own perspective and not the universal one that deals with childish gravity theories and lame homosapien craftsmanship.
eN-Titty11/11/2006 3:42:46 pm
apparently Al is an ant...or related to one...perhaps a carpenter ant
Al11/11/2006 6:29:15 pm
lol @ eN-Titties