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- by mrae - 11/27/2006 - 4:54:28 pm
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mrae11/27/2006 4:54:45 pm
kix11/27/2006 5:04:51 pm
Al11/27/2006 5:33:28 pm
I just got really dizzy.
ad11/27/2006 5:46:34 pm
mrae! i was talking about YOU! check out the link i posted at drawing 14581. supa draw.
yanbu11/27/2006 6:14:25 pm
yanbu11/27/2006 6:19:53 pm
mrae i still have no idea how you make these, amazing
sheep11/28/2006 6:08:17 am
I'm still here. Finally got the exterior of the house restored. What a job that was! It took me from late spring until now to finish it. Next year the garage needs to be done but that should'nt take more than a couple months....I hope.
mrae11/28/2006 9:13:18 am
Thanks :)
mrae11/28/2006 12:59:13 pm
oh and ad, thanks for the link, that was awesome!
GB11/28/2006 7:17:15 pm
love it love it love it!
very very cool... did you draw this with a plan, or just do it as you did it?