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- by yanbu - 12/3/2006 - 7:43:00 pm
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yanbu12/3/2006 7:46:20 pm

updated y'alls galleries, fixed a number of issues and restored (i think) all the galleries that were missing. still need to finish up a couple things but if you see something out of place or wrong with your gallery (or it's not there) please *email* me -- yanbu@comcast.net, holy shit that took a long time
Anubix12/3/2006 9:47:49 pm
nice, however, when I log on to alter my gallery the admin opt. menu doesn't show up, what do I do to fix it up from here?
kix12/4/2006 2:25:00 am
thank you
yanbu12/4/2006 4:49:44 am
anubix i can give you your login details, send me an email - yanbu@comcast.net - also to kiddo, i have your drawrings saved but i couldn't make sense of where to put them in your gallery HALP! anyone else who would like to add / modify / admin their own gallery send me an email and i'll get you your login details, thanks
Anubix12/4/2006 9:17:29 am
thank buddy, we all appreciate you work
loopdogg12/4/2006 9:25:03 am
Thanks Yanbu! I wish I could buy you a case o' beer or something
mrae12/4/2006 10:30:34 am
MjNraWRkbyA=12/4/2006 11:39:59 am
hey yanbu, just put em wherever you wanna or dont, i might just do that myself later on. plus you put loopdogg's autohotkey draws into my gallery. ill leave them there for you to pick up, LD :D
The angry flagman12/4/2006 12:55:21 pm
Thanks Yanbu, You rock man and yes you can have my last Bud Light.
trin12/5/2006 12:16:31 pm
the next 10eastern-journal-member is idontwanttoworkwithretards. ok?
yanbu12/5/2006 2:30:39 pm
oh ok i just read this after i emailed you, where is idontwanttoworkwithretards from? germany? eh? hi
trin12/5/2006 2:57:47 pm
yes, he?s a german dude...it lives in the neighbourhood...surprise...oh, hi!