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eN-Titty12/8/2006 11:31:03 pm
Mid Night Snacker
tthunderdan12/9/2006 1:16:31 am
...that's Hawt...
Al12/9/2006 6:52:45 am
Dobert Dairy, Glenn Falls, NY
(google mania)
eN-Titty12/9/2006 8:57:49 am
I love their Blue Moon ice cream and their Pickel ice cream.
Al12/9/2006 9:32:49 am
Pickel ice cream? Wow, that is odd.
eN-Titty12/9/2006 1:25:27 pm
Its Delicious.....make some of your own......take vanilla ice cream and drizzle a little Balsamic, has to be Balsamic vinager over the top.....someone told me this is a regular dessert in Italy
shovelhead12/9/2006 5:33:02 pm