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- by Anubix - 12/14/2006 - 6:08:06 pm
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Anubix12/14/2006 6:08:22 pm
did you ever get my email yanbu?
yanbu12/14/2006 6:23:04 pm
i just checked and nothing - try again to yanbuster@gmail.com
kix12/14/2006 6:33:55 pm
who signed uo so far?
did you get our mails?
yanbu12/14/2006 6:56:55 pm
hey kix - i just sent you email, you too anubix - will post an updated santa list asap
naranjon12/14/2006 8:24:11 pm
secret santa signups: naranjon, yanbu, tim, lil fuk, ethermonkey, mf, kix, fatribz, hale, veronica, sarah

i already sent everyone their secret draw receiver postal address...if you didnt get it email xeasternsantadraw@yahoo.com
tim12/14/2006 9:22:22 pm
when should we send this hot pocket out?
naranjon12/14/2006 9:46:41 pm
id say by monday if youre going to send it regular mail?
naranjon12/14/2006 9:47:12 pm
kix is in germany so someone might not get one in time?
kix12/16/2006 7:03:21 pm
i think its about 3 days.... but who knows what mess goes on at christmas time...
anyways, i would enjoy it even if it comes too late :)
kix12/16/2006 7:09:03 pm
btw... it didnt get any email :(