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- by eN-Titty - 12/30/2006 - 9:36:46 pm
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eN-Titty12/30/2006 9:38:53 pm
Who killed the mailbox?
tthunderdan12/30/2006 11:04:56 pm
...the angry plowman...
Rene Gonzalez12/30/2006 11:12:43 pm
Mr. Plow vs. The Plow King
tthunderdan12/31/2006 12:27:38 am
...in foundphotos, about the 22nd pic down, is Mcconels Mills, about 8 miles from my house...there is a falls there and steep rocks, almost every year you read in the paper someone either falls or drowns or both there, people go there to climb the rocks and stuff...
eN-Titty12/31/2006 1:57:06 am
I was listening to the scanner when the police got a call because someone killed their mailbox....the resident seemd to thnk that the driver wasn't taking it serious enough and wanted the driver arrested....I think it is angry plowman's route....to be continued