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- by mrae - 1/3/2007 - 8:10:22 pm
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mrae1/3/2007 8:16:25 pm
thanks for all the love on 10E!!!
Al1/4/2007 3:08:41 am
No, thank you.
ethermonkey1/4/2007 8:32:42 am
hey mrae -
long time listener, first time caller.
so i don't want the lose the wonder and mystery of your tapestries, but i would love to see one built.
have you ever thought of filming the process, or do you ever drawr in this style on other softwares wheres you can viddy the steps, like on the old colab board?
i'd love to be able to youtube one of yr weavings.
i'll hang up now so you can take other callers.
HALE1/4/2007 8:44:35 am
Am I on the air?
Yeah, about these 10eastern blogs that people are supposedly writing...where are they?
tim1/4/2007 9:03:46 am
i've always wanted to be a truck driver, though my driving skills are quite lacking partly due to my bicycle. tthunderdan could you please make me a nice lot lizard draw?
tim1/4/2007 9:04:53 am
^^^^that comment belongs up one, this next comment belongs here: mrae brings fun to my moniter!
tim1/4/2007 9:05:59 am
monitor :D
nitaawe!11!!1/4/2007 10:23:38 am
Unicornonthecob1/4/2007 11:23:43 am
This is wonderful!The colors are doing crazy things to my eyes
fatribz1/4/2007 1:07:24 pm
you know i love you
mrae1/4/2007 7:47:00 pm
thanks again everyone....
ethermonkey: i will try to figure out my video phone thingy for you (Al that means i'll probably be calling you this weekend for some help) i don't know how to use any other art programs that are out there....this is the only one i've ever used.....
Yanbu....thanks again for having this site, i would have never explored art like this without having found 10eastern....i don't remember how long its been since i've been playing around on this site, but my first ever drawring was in the 2700 range (i'm taking the 5th on the exact number mwa ha ha)
shovelhead1/5/2007 1:44:21 pm
great draw!!!!!!!! as you scroll, a red X appears. I think I'll call this draw....hearts of ex's.....cool