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- by sheep - 1/27/2007 - 3:44:23 pm
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sheep1/27/2007 3:44:46 pm
fatribz1/27/2007 3:57:22 pm
super mario kart level i wanna play on. btw Sheep, in your lifetime, have you played the Alone in the Dark series or anything of the sort?
sheep1/27/2007 4:02:14 pm
Mario cart yes, alone in the dark.....no. I do play a lot of computer games though.
fatribz1/27/2007 5:25:54 pm
ah, your green_alley reminded me of alone_darks
mrae1/27/2007 9:22:07 pm
sheep1/28/2007 7:52:31 am
yanbu1/28/2007 8:40:38 am
awesome! i keep thinking of the game space harrier when i see this, i don't know why